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This website provides access to the ceramic works of noted Studio Potter Paul J. Katrich. His pottery is part of important, public and private collections, and has been cited in numerous publications.

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Each vessel is utterly unique, wholly handmade, and never repeated or copied. Inferior examples are destroyed,  never permitted to leave the artist's studio.  Paul J. Katrich is one of the very few remaining artists to have mastered the technique of luster glazing.  More than a quarter-century has gone into perfecting the art...the work imbued with love, effort, and an uncompromising perfectionism.  You are cordially invited to explore this site, where links will lead you to the complete archive of pottery, its intriguing birth, adolescence, and maturity.  We hope that you delight in the journey.

1540 Red and Green Volcanic Vessel

Artistic Pottery

Artist Holding Golden Bowl


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Secretary,  American Art Pottery Association
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(248) 738-7720

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